Expert Witness on Large Lot Subdivision Appeal on a Ditch vs Stream issue, Streamtype Modification Form Thurston County Lacey, WA
Date:Apr 10, 2010

Performed a site visit to see the issue that was currently under appeal and prepared a letter stating that the water body onsite is man-made ditch. KES testified as an expert witness for this appeal. With KES’s expert testimony, this appeal was won and the water body onsite was determined to be a man-made ditch. The ditch only has water in approximately 8 times a year. The client was accused of just building the logging road and changing the whole stream channel. The logging road was built in 1975. Initially the client was also told that this was a fish bearing stream all the way to the upper stormwater pond. It was determined to be a fish bearing stream to the lower man-made pond & including the pond. KES also completed a Streamtype Modification form through the Department of Natural Resources. The waterbody in question was downgraded to a ditch above the lower man-made pond.