Patrick D. Powers

P.E., Waterfall Engineering, LLC
"Wow! I just want to say thank you for all you do!  There is a handful of people in our state that deserve recognition for their passion and commitment to the resource!!!!👍”  - February 2017

Julia Sanders

"Hope you are well. Just wanted to say congratulations on receiving the Governor's Award of Excellence for 2015. That's awesome, and I can think of no one more deserving. Very glad to see you getting recognition for all your tireless hours of volunteer work. Look forward to seeing you again soon.  Julia Sanders - February 2016."

Don S. and Andrea P.

Grayland, WA Landowners
"My wife and I purchased a 1.3 acre parcel of property on Grayland Beach Road, Grayland WA. in the Spring of 2015.  The property was all wetlands.  Our realtor and the wetlands biologist we employed failed to inform us just how difficult it would be to obtain the permits necessary to develop the property.  In fact their estimations were so flawed and inaccurate it is possible we may never, at least in our lifetime, secure a permit to develop the property.  After months of inactivity and put offs by both our realtor and our wetlands biologist I contacted Key McMurry.   If we had contacted Key before we purchased this land we would have NEVER closed on the parcel.  Key was honest and very knowledgeable and sympathetic.  She told us who to contact and described in detail the process involved.  Her estimations of time & expense to complete the project were very accurate and supported by experts at the state Dept. of Ecology.  If you need a wetlands biologist….call Key…it’s pretty simple…wish we had…  Don S. and Andrea P. - November 2015."

Pacific County Department of Community Development, Director

Pacific County Department of Community Development, Director
"Key - I just wanted to mention to you how much we appreciate your comments, especially in regards to the Critical Areas.  We feel very fortunate to have you and even Ecology has mentioned how lucky we are that you are there to assist us with updating the document.  Anyway, just wanted to send you a thank you.  Pacific County Department of Community Development, Director - August 2015."

Matt & Mallery Brown

Thurston County Landowners
"Just wanted to let you know how much Matt and I appreciate you going out on a limb for us. We are so grateful for your guidance and expertise. You have no idea what a blessing you have been to us! So glad we made the decision to hire you. If we wouldn't have done so, I don't believe our outcome would be what it is."

John O'Connell

Manager at Go Green Car Wash
"Key is very professional and I highly recommend her."

Eric Howard

AGENT at Country Rose Investing LLC
"Key is a well orientated person keeps good records and knows her business well as a Wildlife Biologist she well go the extra mile for you."

Vaunn Litchfield

Owner at PNW Wind Power/Litch Bros Construction
"Key provided the needed evaluation required by the County without any delays in my project time line. I would recommend her when her services are required by the County and I would hire her again."

Jim Henry

"Key is customer oriented with a strong knowledge of how to present what the customer needs to the appropriate governing agency to get the desired results."

Kip Baldwin

CEO at Aisling Visions Inc
"Key McMurry is a consummate professional who's passionate commitment to the environment is evident in her tireless studies of its countless biological forms and interconnected ecosystems. I have found her Key's work to be extremely thorough and timely, she is also pleasure to spend time with."

Carrie Lerud

Manager-Properties at Columbus Park
"Key did a fantastic job for us outlining and navigating our wetland areas and providing solutions for our business to work toward completion on our water system project at Columbus Park. She did a fantastic and timely job of getting us through our environmental survey reports. She also went the extra mile and was available to be with us during the hearing with Thurston County for permitting.  I greatly look forward to working with her in the future if ever the need comes for her expertise again. Thank you!"

Heather Burgess

Attorney at Phillips Wesch Burgess, PLLC
"My land development clients have been very pleased with Key's work as a consulting biologist for their projects. Key has specialized expertise working with WDFW on issues related to the Mazama pocket gopher, a critical skill for most Thurston County projects in the current regulatory environment."

J M Batchelder

Executive Director at Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership
"Key serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Partnership as well as the Partnership's Regional Technical Committee and Regional Planning Committee. In all three capacities she is a vital member of the teams, very knowledgeable and a heck of a lot of fun to work with!"

Kevin Lynch

President at Kevin Lynch Corp.
"If you have not met Key on site, in our case, the "pocket gopher" you are in for a real treat. This professional knows her business.  As we talked "pocket gopher" the real fun was looking at ant hills like I had never seen before. That is when it is nice to be with a biologist who knows her stuff -Thank you Key."

Dennis Jordan

Teacher, Graphic Designer, Manager, Artist
"Key provided a wetlands survey of my property in Copalis Beach. She provided a professional and well documented report. I highly recommend Key."

Noelle Nordstrom

"Key McMurry and I were previously both Fish and Wildlife Biologists for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. She was an Area Habitat Biologist in a region office and I was at headquarters in the Forest Habitats section. Key was a great person to work with and she has an excellent set of skills that all fit together perfectly: she knows her stream habitat types and what fish live in them, she is familiar with restoration and engineering techniques, and also various culvert specifications, rip-rap situations, etc; and she knows all of the people in her community with the skills to make things happen and can bring them together and get a project going faster than anyone I've ever encountered. She is smart, friendly, creative, and a Force of Nature. Beyond the realm of fish, Key also has experience evaluating Marbled Murrelet habitat, and is versed in the bird species that occur in this region. I appreciate Key for her attention to detail and her commitment to taking care of our natural resources and local communities!"

Dean and Joey Grefthen

"We were referred to Key Environmental Solutions by a friend and were extremely pleased with her knowledge and customer service we received. She helped us through a very stressful and confusing critical area ordinance. We were extremely pleased and will gladly refer her to anyone that needs help on a critical area issue. We can't recommend her enough!"