Grant Writing, Permitting Stream Channel Design & Provided Construction Oversight Pacific County Raymond, WA
Date:Jul 10, 2010

KES wrote and was granted a Fish America & NOAA Community Restoration Grant for the Pacific County Anglers. The project removed a complete fish passage barrier (approximately 30 cubic yards of material, the “Mess”) and a undersized 4 foot culvert directly upstream to provide complete access and connectivity to two other fish passage project on the same stream and open up 1.08 miles of fish habitat. The Pacific County Anglers donated 10 pieces Large Woody Debris that was placed in the channel, and 75 cubic yards of streambed gravel. KES obtained all permits, designed the project, performed fish removal and provided construction oversight. We were able to remove 1250 Coho from the in-water work area. The day we finished you couldn’t even tell we had done anything at all to the stream channel. This project turned out great. Vic Hoffman with Silver Lake Timber was the contractor and as usual did a great job. The restoration took 3 days to complete. Al and Shelia Wighton, Mike Klem and Ryan McMurry also donated a lot of labor and time to the project. This was a HUGE bang for your buck project, meaning a whole lot of fish back in the stream for very little money.